Jumps Season 2023/24

Publication News Rebecca's Spotlight | November 4th, 2023

We are pleased to release our porfolio for the 2023/24 Jumps Season. Marten started the business in 1970 and as the majority of our services are written by Marten we are naturally starting to scale back as we are now … Read More »

Newsletter & Weekly Roundup

Newsletter Rebecca's Spotlight | March 6th, 2023

Looking for a free weekly dose of insights on the latest happenings in the racing world? Look no further than Marten’s Weekly Roundup! Every Monday, Marten offers his unique perspective on the latest topics in the racing world, all delivered … Read More »

Cheltenham Festival 2023

Rebecca's Spotlight | March 4th, 2023

Our 44th and final Cheltenham Bulletin Book is available to download for Cheltenham Enhanced Package clients. Our Cheltenham services start from £15 – if you are interested and have any questions, please contact me. Cheltenham starts on Tuesday 14 March. … Read More »

Help us by writing a review

Rebecca's Spotlight | July 1st, 2022

It is harder and harder to get the word out there about our books. Most weeks sometimes says to me “I had no idea how much you did” or over the last couple of years “I wish I knew you … Read More »

Why not to start a business…

Rebecca's Spotlight | October 19th, 2021

Here is my very brief intro to this journal. A bank’s safeguarding department lost some paperwork. Apparently, this is my fault, so they locked down our account for a few weeks. To make things a bit more complicated, they also … Read More »

Get your racing questions answered by Marten

Rebecca's Spotlight | March 7th, 2021

We are pleased to launch Ask MJ our new question and answer service. Marten has offered a personal service to a number of clients for many years now based on the ethos of his telephone line which was started in … Read More »

The Postscript: A reminder

Rebecca's Spotlight | November 23rd, 2019

I thought a little reminder about our fantastic Postscript Service was about due. As regular blog readers will know I am all about trying new ideas and offering a better service to our clients and utilising technology as much as … Read More »

How to download Online Previews

Rebecca's Spotlight | April 3rd, 2019

  If you would like to save a PDF on how to download an Online Preview Click Here Handy hint! You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them When will I get access to an Online Preview? You … Read More »


Rebecca's Spotlight | February 24th, 2019

1. What’s the difference in the Cheltenham Book & Cheltenham Package The book is literally the book and no other publications. Marten will send you a brief text message each day of Cheltenham. The Package is a huge amount of information. … Read More »

Congratulations to Marten: Cheltenham Anniversary

Rebecca's Spotlight | February 16th, 2019

I would like to say congratulations to Marten I bet when Marten started his business nearly 50 years ago and decided in 1979 to publish his first Cheltenham Bulletin Book he didn’t think he would still be self-publishing it 40 … Read More »


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