Jumps Season 2023/24

November 4th, 2023 | Publication News Rebecca's Spotlight

We are pleased to release our porfolio for the 2023/24 Jumps Season.

Marten started the business in 1970 and as the majority of our services are written by Marten we are naturally starting to scale back as we are now in our 53rd year of trading.

We very happily published 44 editions of our Cheltenham Bulletin Book covering the Cheltenham Festival but in 2024 we are reducing this service from a book to a booklet. When Marten started his Cheltenham Bulletin Book it was the only book on the market covering the Festival and this is something we are very proud of.

To ease work congestion for our team we are also making it an online only publication which will be available to download on Monday 11 March 2024. The name of this new publication is The Cheltenham Festival Spotlight Guide. It costs £10 and can purchased here.

As Marten and I have always promised we will never go online only so for those who prefer hard copy publications we offer our Weekend Card. Our weekly publication is released every Wednesday evening and posted First Class on a Thursday. This means the editions published on 6 March and 13 March both contain Cheltenham information. For those who would like to receive The Weekend Card every week our Full Season Pass is the best value. £100 for the whole season starting on 15 November and going up to and including our Aintree (Grand National) edition on 10 April. For those who would like it through the post you can buy 20 editions for £120 (where I email it to you each week) or £140 (where I email it to you and then post it each week).

Since the early 80s we have also offered telephone lines where clients can join Marten’s Telephone & Text Service and call to listen to his thoughts each day. The line is on an 03 telephone number which is the same as calling a normal landline. We pay the extra charge. We offer this service for a weekly or monthly subscription. If you would like to join for a more specific date period please get in touch for a quote. For those who prefer to read rather than listen Marten’s Daily Bulletin is the email version of this service and is sent out direct to subscribers from Marten.

To view our Jumps portfolio in a PDF format please click here. If you would like to receive a copy through the post please request one by emailing me.

For book lovers we have one book available for the Jumps Season which is Jodie’s Point-To-Point Recruits. When speaking to clients on the phone some people said to me they don’t follow the point-to-point season but this book isn’t about that. I can see how this misunderstanding happens. This book is about horses who have come from the point-to-point scene and are now racing under rules. They are horses worth looking out for over the coming months.

If you have not already subscribed to our free weekly newsletter I recommend you do. We send out a Newsletter every 6/8 weeks but if you are down to receive this you will receive Marten’s racing complimentary publication The Weekly Roundup every Monday! Please sign up here or order it through our online shope when you are next buying something.

Please feel free to email or call me with any queries or to chat about what we offer and how we can enhance your enjoyment of the Jumps season.

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