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Introducing… THE TEAM


Marten Julian

Marten Julian is a highly respected and trusted voice in horse racing. His experience spans over 50 years, with a wealth of expertise in different aspects of the equine world, and he has built a loyal client following through his honest and unique analysis. Marten founded one of the country’s first independent racing advisory services – the Professional Sporting Bureau – in 1972 while studying for a theology degree at King’s College, London. After graduating, he established a weekly column in the Sunday Times, ‘Warm Up’, which soon gathered momentum, leading to Marten building a reputation as a specialist in unraced and less-exposed horses. It is these instincts that led to the creation of the Dark Horses Annual in 1976. Since then, Marten has created hundreds of publications, including the National Hunt Guide, Bulletin Books and Weekend Cards, together with his popular online blog and contributions to specialist publications, such as Racing Post and Sunday Telegraph. Marten established the country’s first racehorse ownership club – Dark Horse Racing – in 1980. He is a consultant in racehorse acquisition and management for the club, purchasing the winners of more than 50 races. Marten has also worked in a consultancy capacity for film and television.


Jodie Standing

Jodie Standing is Marten’s racing assistant. She met Marten 14 years ago and has been trained under his expert eye. Both Jodie and Marten care for and respect the horses that they follow – to them, they’re not just a name on a piece of paper. It’s through this shared passion for horses and their journeys that Marten and Jodie have built their reputations within the equine world. Jodie uses her skills and knowledge of horse racing to write various expert commentary pieces. This includes a weekly article for The Weekend Card and contributions to Marten’s Dark Horses Jumps Guide. She also recently launched The Point to Point Recruits Book after noticing a gap in the market for a standalone publication. Jodie works in our Kendal office three days a week, assisting Rebecca in looking after our clients who enjoy chatting to her when they call to place their orders. Jodie has a natural intuition for horses, having been surrounded by them for her entire life while growing up on her family’s farm.


Ian Carnaby

Ian Carnaby has been writing for Marten Julian’s publications for more than 20 years. He is an essential and trusted member of the team, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise thanks to his impressive portfolio and vast experience. Ian has always set the bar high for horse racing journalism and his opinion is highly valued due to his extraordinary insight and in-depth analysis. Ian’s accomplishments in journalism include presenting sports programmes for the BBC and SIS, as well as writing about racing for The Sporting Life and Irish Field. Ian enjoys the traditional element of racing reporting, stating “I celebrate minor triumphs. Racing on radio and television is all very well but there’s nothing quite like picking up the paper and seeing that the horse you’ve backed has won.” Outside his writing career, Ian has also sold gin in Hounslow and instant lettering in Bolivia, finding one a shade easier than the other. A committed horseplayer for the better part of 50 years, he has never had a betting account closed.



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