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February 24th, 2019 | Rebecca's Spotlight

1. What’s the difference in the Cheltenham Book & Cheltenham Package
The book is literally the book and no other publications. Marten will send you a brief text message each day of Cheltenham.
The Package is a huge amount of information. You get daily emails before the meeting about breaking news and updates. You receive both a hard copy and PDF version of the Cheltenham Book. You also receive a PDF publication the evening before each day’s racing and a brief text message each day of Cheltenham.
2. Can I just have an e copy of your book?
Yes, please buy our Cheltenham e-book which is available in our online shop.
3. Is the book written by just Marten?
No – he approves all selections but we have a team of contributors. More info available online.
4.  Can you please post it before 7 March?
We would love to but probably not! To ensure our book is up to date we don’t send it to our printers until 4 March. They then print it and deliver it back late on Wednesday 6 March. If we get them early enough I look at who ordered in October & November and post their copies out. The remainder all go First Class on Thursday.
5. Is someone able to help if I can’t download through your website
Of course! Although we are a small team – Rebecca is the only full-time staff member – we ensure the office is open every day and even evening throughout Cheltenham. Rebecca will also be available until midnight on 5 March which is the day we upload the book to the site for downloading. We can talk you through things and we offer useful videos online too.
6. Will Marten be at Cheltenham?
No. He is too busy in the office doing his daily analysis as well as recording his phone line and sending text messages. He also needs to see the races and horses clearly which isn’t possible on course. As he is committed to writing a Supplement each night he needs to be in his office. Jodie is planning on being there.
Any other queries? Please get in touch with us

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