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Brentford in with a shout

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | April 21st, 2018

Fairly brief this week. Crystal Palace virtually evened things up for us last Saturday with their 3-2 win over Brighton following Southampton’s spirited but unavailing effort against Chelsea. The Saints led 2-0 but Chelsea found an entirely different gear for … Continued

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An awkward weekend for Huddersfield

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | April 6th, 2018

Much attention surrounds the local derbies in Liverpool and Manchester over the weekend. I think it would be wrong to suggest that the results in the Champions League will have no bearing on the way things turn out and Manchester … Continued

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Bournemouth at 10/11

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | November 18th, 2017

We pick up again this weekend after a rest last week – the correct decision as Plymouth showed yet again that they are not a team to back or oppose without very careful analysis. Over the years, and I’m sure … Continued

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Day off!

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | November 11th, 2017

Yes, I was very pleased with last week, when Stoke v Leicester did indeed end in a draw and the bonus bet, Yeovil to beat Southend in the FA Cup, came up as well. There was some 100/30 available so … Continued

Stoke V Leicester looks tight

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | November 4th, 2017

One or two things occurred while watching the relentless flow of football this week. Bournemouth are undoubtedly better than their league position suggests and have played several of the top teams already. Their points spread for the season will be … Continued


Watford should not be underestimated

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | October 28th, 2017

The football world becomes ever crazier, especially at Premier League level, with Leicester and Everton wasting no time in looking for a new manager after a few poor results. Clearly, Leicester’s new owners do not beat around the bush and … Continued

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Bournemouth can take something from The Potteries

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | October 20th, 2017

I thought the Charlton v Doncaster match last week would never end and it was still going on as Charlotte Green read out the classified results in Sports Report. I suppose we were spoiled by James Alexander Gordon, whose intonation … Continued

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Bristol Rovers ticking Over Uner Clarke

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | October 7th, 2017

Lucky and unlucky. Pointless words, really, and no way to look at the betting game. West Ham and Bournemouth were still 0-0 with the clock ticking towards 4.45 but then the lack-lustre Hammers finally scored against Swansea. Hardly bad luck, … Continued

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Villa starting to click now

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | September 22nd, 2017

I shan’t let Cardiff’s late equaliser against Sheffield Wednesday last week obscure the fact that I was a long way wide of the mark when suggesting that Watford could give Manchester City a game. They were completely outclassed and if … Continued

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Watford may give City a scare

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | September 15th, 2017

We made a handy profit last week with West Ham and QPR both winning, results which made up for Southampton’s defeat at home to Watford. As I’m often pointing out, the bookmakers overestimate the Saints, who are hopelessly ineffective in … Continued

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Wednesday can make a bright start

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | August 5th, 2017

I have been at Goodwood all week and it would be wrong to go in for lengthy spirts prognostications without sitting down and doing the research. As you know, I favour FULHAM for the Championship and regard them as value … Continued

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Bournemouth may arrest the slide

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | February 25th, 2017

Anyone following the football selection over the past few weeks should be quite a long way ahead and Cardiff and Newcastle both won last week without conceding a goal. There is nothing as strong this week, though NEWCASTLE should win … Continued

Newcastle to pull clear again

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | February 18th, 2017

Only a last-minute equaliser for West Brom at West Ham denied us three out of three last week and I am very happy with the way things are going. I was hoping the mixed bag of fixtures this weekend would … Continued

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West Ham looking better now

Ian Carnaby's Sports News | February 11th, 2017

It took Bristol City a long time to wear down Rotherham in a poor match at Ashton Gate last weekend but they got there in the end to keep our good run going. The profit was modest because Crystal Palace … Continued

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