Brentford in with a shout

April 21st, 2018 | Ian Carnaby's Sports News

Fairly brief this week. Crystal Palace virtually evened things up for us last Saturday with their 3-2 win over Brighton following Southampton’s spirited but unavailing effort against Chelsea.

The Saints led 2-0 but Chelsea found an entirely different gear for a spell in the second half and scored three times in nine minutes. Without meaning to be unkind, I thought Southampton still had a chance while Morata remained on the pitch because he looked out of sorts. As soon as Conte brought on Giroud everything changed and they were irresistible.

I’ve seen some 4/7 about Chelsea (90 mins) when the teams meet again in the FA Cup semi-final on Sunday. I don’t really understand that price because they’d be 1 to 3 with me. The Saints are very nearly relegated and showed hardly anything going forward against Leicester on Thursday. How on earth Mark Hughes will pick them up is unfathomable.

I suppose the bookmakers take the view that the Cup is different, fixtures are piling up and Chelsea may have one of their more indifferent days. Well, maybe but I can’t see it myself. I’m not playing at a short price but on everything I’ve seen the Blues will make the final all right.

After their terrific run I thought Fulham looked out of sorts against Brentford last week and they were a bit panicky towards the end, when the Bees’ very late equaliser may have cost them an automatic promotion place with Cardiff set to hold on.

We shall know more on Friday night when Millwall away is an awkward fixture for the Cottagers. Be that as it may, Brentford held their nerve and pushed forward quietly and determinedly last week and they may account for QPR on their way to a top six play-off place. I’m not wild about local derbies when it comes to betting and the 3/5 about Brentford is skinny, so look around. I see nothing else, however.

BRENTFORD 20 units at 3/5 or better to beat QPR

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