The bosses nephew – an all-time equine hero

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | April 26th, 2022

Britain is a small island and Wales a small country. That seems a fair assessment until you try to reach Fishguard from Bristol for the night ferry to Rosslare because, suddenly, you run out of M4. You are on your … Read More »

Hopes and dreams beyond Naas Road

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | March 24th, 2022

Truth to tell, I struggle to keep up with modern expressions although I can see the attractions of a ‘bucket list’. I read Ulysses and Proust’s In Search Of Lost Time a few years ago but Don Quixote in its … Read More »

On the wings of a dove

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | February 17th, 2022

Knockabout Queen won my selling race at Brighton in 2019. She followed up at Bath and was too high in the handicap for a while but I followed her career closely and was rewarded the other day when she picked … Read More »

City Boy marooned in the country

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | February 8th, 2022

It was around the time that young Archie Bellamy lost his irons on Lively Citizen that I started to miss London. Sitting in the Insurance Bar at Cheltenham and unable to move with a cracked knee  –  no more on … Read More »

Another squall, fifty-three years on

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | December 27th, 2021

Of course, it’s always wrong, or at least inadvisable, to go looking for a bet. I was happy enough with Thomas Darby and Samarrive, both at handy prices, and it’s not as if there was anything I’d been waiting for … Read More »


Ian Carnaby's Racing News | November 11th, 2021

I have few reasons to go to London these days, which is a source of some regret, though the fact is that several of my old haunts have closed and those that are in still in business are run by … Read More »

Conrad, Donald and me

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | October 1st, 2021

September 6 was the day of the Carnaby seller at Brighton and also the day Donald Zec died, though I didn’t know it at the time. Actually, I say the Carnaby seller but there was a mix-up and the race, … Read More »

Back in a jiffy? Put in the diary

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | September 3rd, 2021

I’m enjoying my racing without making it pay. All right, there’s nothing new in that but there have been a few mistakes lately, most notably with Red Alert, whose creditable second at Goodwood promised swift compensation at Bath, where I … Read More »

More power to Tyrone and his magic carpet ride

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | July 19th, 2021

Modern technology has influenced many things, one of them being the traditional pub quiz. It must be very tempting to cheat when a mobile ‘phone is only inches away, though shame and disgrace may follow. Of course, a mobile helps … Read More »

That will be a great man gone

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | June 8th, 2021

We have perhaps reached the stage where we wonder which of the old haunts are still open for business, so to speak. The internet makes it easy enough to find out but that seems too easy, too convenient somehow. Better, … Read More »

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