How to download Online Previews

April 3rd, 2019 | Rebecca's Spotlight


If you would like to save a PDF on how to download an Online Preview Click Here

Handy hint! You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them

When will I get access to an Online Preview?

You will receive access as soon as it is available. If you order after we have published a service as soon as your payment goes through you can download it.

If you order in advance you should see the date and time it becomes available in your confirmation email.

We do send an email letting you know when we have uploaded it but as you may be aware sometimes emails don’t get delivered. My advice would be if you haven’t had an email saying it’s available at a time when it should be just log in to check.

If we have been delayed you will see this clearly on our homepage.

Handy hint! None of our Online Previews are uploaded during the day. They are always made available in an evening.


How do I download?

These help notes assume you have already placed your order

Step 1: Log into your online account with your email address/Username and password

Step 2: Click on Orders on the left in red. If you don’t see this please click on My Account at the top of the webpage

 Step 3: You should now see all your orders in a list


Step 4: Please look for the order in the list that relates to the service you would like to download and when you have located it click on View at the end of the line or the order number

You should now be in the order

Step 5: Once you are in the order if the service is available there will be an option to download it in a red box. It might say Click to download or just the name of the service. For example, when it is Cheltenham there are 19 downloads so they are named individually. In this case, the downloads may be called things like Cheltenham Day One

It will look like this


If the service is not yet available there won’t be a red box and it will look like this


I hope this helps!

If not, don’t panic as we are here to help. We offer live chat online during working hours and are always open the day a service goes live.

Email: Text: 07818451298 Live Chat via our homepage