The Postscript: A reminder

November 23rd, 2019 | Rebecca's Spotlight

I thought a little reminder about our fantastic Postscript Service was about due.

As regular blog readers will know I am all about trying new ideas and offering a better service to our clients and utilising technology as much as possible.

Back in 2016 Marten, Steve and I had a meeting about the service we offer to clients and the way people view our services. We are not and will never be a tipping service. Marten’s ethos is all about analysis and knowledge and sharing his huge amount of experience. This extends to any writers who contribute or write publications under our banner.

Having gone to various race meetings with Marten and observed him with clients I have seen how much people love to talk racing with him and how much they learn. A few years ago we changed our logo to Marten’s signature to hopefully demonstrate that we are selling a personal service- we are not a faceless company. We are a small team and more than happy to put ourselves out there in person, in our blogs and on social media.

What is The Postscript?

Firstly I would like to add it is a free publication! We didn’t increase costs to cover it. We still only charge on average £5 per day’s analysis of a major race day.

We felt it was an important aspect of a service and it helps our team to look back and think through the racing. It enables our writers to go back to clients who bought a service and discuss the choices they made and why things may not have gone as we expected. Personally I think this element of our service is in some ways of more value when looking ahead. I also suspect this is why our weekly magazine The Weekend Card is so popular with our clients as we have the same approach.

This service is made available within a couple of weeks after one of our services. It contains observations and information gleaned from the day’s racing with pointers for the future following the meeting.

It is made available to download as part of the service ordered. So if you ordered our Aintree (Grand National) analysis The Postscript is added to that order.

This means if you buy a service you are not just receiving news and thoughts about the racing for that meeting you are going to receive a retrospective publication with long-term information in it as well!


Our latest Postscript is for the 2019 Cheltenham November meeting

Written by Marten Julian & Jodie Standing

It is four A4 pages long which amounts to just over 2,000 words