How to guide for the Weekend Card

July 4th, 2018 | Rebecca's Spotlight


Following the launch of our new shop and My Account area, we have received a number of enquiries. I appreciate that if someone didn’t have a subscription when our site went live it could be confusing!

There is a video available through our support page or by clicking here:

If you have come to this page and would like to know how to view a service you have bought like an Online Preview here is a PDF guide that may help!


What options are there for buying the Weekend Card?

You can choose to buy a postal subscription, postal subscription with an email copy or credits to download it on the weeks you choose.


Do they cost the same?

We have charged the same for our Weekend Card for as long as I can remember (I’ve been here 23 years).

As with most things the more you buy the lower the cost. If you choose to order one you will pay £7, if you order five you will pay £6, if you order ten you will pay £5.50, if you order 20 you will pay £5 and if you order 30 the rate varies slightly due to new season offers but generally around £4.80


Does the online and postal edition have the same information?

Yes, exactly the same!


What happens if I order the postal edition and there is a runner on a Thursday or Friday and it hasn’t arrived?

I suggest you request a copy via email.

If you don’t use email much all postal subscribers receive a personal pin number so they can call a line that lists all the selections. I record the line by 11 am each Thursday. It’s on an 03 line which costs the same as ringing a landline.


How do I get the online version?

First things first… you can no longer go to our shop and buy a subscription for our online version. Instead, you will see them listed individually each edition one by one.

To be able to buy the Weekend Card you can visit our shop, add the edition you want to your basket and check out and pay £7


If you prefer to run things similar to having a subscription you need to buy credits. On our site credits are currency. You can use them for other services too – not just our Weekend Card!

To buy credits you must be logged in. Once logged in you can either click on the BUY CREDITS option through our shop 


Or you can click on My Account, then select Orders from red options box on the left. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you should be able to see a Buy Credits box and the words Buy Now.

Please pick the option you like by clicking on Buy Now. The credits are now in your basket. Please proceed to checkout and pay. Once your order has gone through the credits will show in your account. You can also pay for credits over the phone or by sending a cheque/postal order.

Once you have credits in your account, you can then buy the Weekend Card.

Please note when ordering credits you are unable to order anything else. As credits are currency, our shop becomes confused if you try to buy credits and another service/publication.

Once the credits are in your account, you can then visit our shop and choose the editions of the Weekend Card you would like to buy. You can buy as many as you want at any one time. I tend to have around the next ten weeks listed as available.

Please note the only guaranteed way to receive notification a Weekend Card is available is to have bought it!

The Weekend Card is available to download on a Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. Anyone who has ordered an edition will receive a notification email as soon as I upload it to the site.

We are going to start sending regular marketing emails to clients who have credits in their account but this is not yet in place.

I hope this helps! If not don’t panic as we are here to help. We offer live chat online during working hours and have full-time staff in on a Thursday and Friday to talk you through things.

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