Website upgrade time

May 2nd, 2018 | Rebecca's Spotlight

Since I first worked on our site back in 1997 lots of new technology has become available.

I have always been keen to utilise technology to enable us to get information to clients quicker or to make our working lives easier while still offering the same traditional approach and hard copy publications.

Our site was custom built and for many years I have personally worked a lot of very late nights or should I say early mornings manually downloading orders and authorising online accounts so clients can download information as soon as it’s available. The time has come for this to change. I need to spend more time marketing our services and spreading the word about what we and Dark Horse Racing can offer.

Marten works very hard and once he has written a service and uploaded it I need to ensure as many people as possible know about it and then hopefully buy it!

In the past two years, we have made big changes to our site which means our Journals (blogs) are easier to read and can always be viewed when you want. They used to be overwritten each time Marten uploaded a new one so if you hadn’t read it it was gone and that was that! I am pleased to say that since we upgraded that part of the site all blogs remain there with their own web address so you can share them with friends.

Next week, I will be rolling out our new shop/my account area which means if you place an order for a service that is available you will get immediate access to it. You won’t need to wait for me to authorise your order. If you work shifts or are just up very late/early studying racing and choose to buy, for example, our Newmarket Guineas Online Preview at 3 am on Saturday morning you will be able to get it there and then. You won’t need to wait for me to wake up at 7 am, make my coffee, switch my computer on, download the orders, print the orders and then one by one grant access. I believe this is a great step forward for our clients, new web visitors and me!

This week I am selecting 20 long-standing clients to help me run tests on the new site before I make it available to the general public. I know there will be teething problems; there always are!

Here’s to the coming months!