We are responsive

March 14th, 2016 | Rebecca's Spotlight

We are truly responsive! Hooray.

Obviously we try to respond to our clients whenever required. I respond to calls, texts, emails, letters and very rarely (but much to my excitement) faxes.

Oh I mustn’t forget we also respond via Facebook, Twitter and other social means required including the good old fashioned face to face.

But now I am pleased to say if you access our site from a mobile device (phone, tablet or ipad etc) our site looks great – even if I say so myself.

Prior to last week you would have had to zoom in and out and to be honest not see it very well but now the site knows how to make it look good – no matter what size device you are using.

I had my first email from a client about it this week

Just visited your homepage on my mobile, whether it is some software on my phone or you have changed things your end it is now much more customer friendly, the layout is vastly improved. Well done

I was obviously quick to be responsive to the client and wrote back explaining how the whole site has been redone and how happy I was to get some feedback.

I am hoping that although I don’t expect much feedback that our clients who are away for Cheltenham this week or are at work having a little peek on their phone have a great experience on our site.

There are more changes on their way – in fact another launched last week with our immediate download service for Marten’s Cheltenham Bulletin Book but more about that next time.