Utilise your Kindle!

December 13th, 2016 | Rebecca's Spotlight

Did you know that if you use a kindle you can send PDF documents to it to read?

We have offered our books before in a Kindle format but we don’t always have time (sorry). However, if you use a Kindle you have an email address that you can send a document to.

To do this you literally just send the PDF as an attachment to your Kindle email address.

  • To locate your email address log into Amazon.
  • Click on Your Account (top right of the screen under where it says Hello)
  • Select Manage your Content and Devices
  • When on the page under Manage Your Content and Devices there are three tabs.
  • It will probably already be on Your Content and be listing all your books/documents
  • To the right of the words Your Content it says Your Devices
  • Click on Your Devices
  • Click on the device you would like to send the PDF to
  • Under the image it will now list your details for this device and your Kindle email address! Write down your email address or copy and paste it.

Create an email, attach your PDF and send to your Kindle email address and hey presto it will be there ready and waiting for you to read and enjoy.

Hope this helps!