The Days Ahead …

April 19th, 2023 | Marten's Perspective

Hi there!

I am incredibly excited about the enhancements we are introducing to The Weekend Card, starting this week with the publication of my Premier List and Sleeper qualifiers, the latter incorporating a few handicap projects and unraced horses.

As you may have gathered, I have grown very attached to this service since it started as an A5 folded sheet of paper about 40 years ago … in fact a client sent an old copy of one to us last week that he unearthed while cleaning his attic!

It brought back many happy memories of the times when I printed and folded it myself, then stuck the address labels on the envelopes and rushed to catch the last collection at the Post Office.

Although things have moved on my fondness for the Weekend Card is as strong as ever.

Yet, apart from that, the preparatory work that it entails lays the foundation for the next few days and the weekend, ensuring that horses of special interest are not missed. As I keep stressing the ethos of the Card is continuity.

Anyway, I hope you will be sharing the excitement of the weeks ahead … my favourite time of year as the dark horses start to appear … and I look forward to another successful and enjoyable season.

Best of luck and bye for now!