Teething problems with a solution

May 31st, 2018 | Rebecca's Spotlight

In June 2017 I started work on our new online shop and My account area.

My main objective was to offer immediate downloads for our clients. This means if one of our services is available and you order it you can download it straight away. This is vital when it comes to horse racing information when everything comes down to timing. From a personal perspective it means I don’t have to stay up late in the night or early morning to check for orders and authorise the client to download the service.

Here we are virtually one year later and I am now on my fourth launch day. Poor Tasha has manually typed in every client’s Weekend Card credit balance every week for a month now! I woke early and walked to the office for 7am to get a head start. It’s now nearly 7pm and due to technology issues we aren’t quite ready.

All our pages are ready to go live, virtually all the orders are imported ready for Epsom and this week’s edition of the Weekend Card but the final switch over from our old hosting company to the new one is taking quite a while to go through. This is very annoying from my perspective but never mind as I have a solution.

If you subscribe to our Weekend Card (online credits where you choose to download it on the weeks you want it) you should have received an email explaining what will happen this week. If not here’s what to do. Just email and ask for this week’s edition and it will be emailed to you. We will then manually reduce the credit on your online account by one. Then next week things will be back to normal apart from our site looking different.

If you have purchased our Epsom Derby & Oaks Online Preview then hopefully by 8pm on Thursday you can visit and log in with your email address and password and download the information.

If you try this and something isn’t quite right or you can’t work your way around the new site don’t worry just email and I will come back to you as quickly as possible.

I am working extended hours to offer support during this transition period.

Oh yes I nearly forgot to say the other exciting thing is that if you have credits for our Weekend Card these are now currency on our site meaning you can use your credits to buy some of our other services like an Online Preview.

Longer term and once I am happy with this new part of the site we will be offering additional services on our site including audio files.