Sad news, JT McNamara

July 27th, 2016 | Marten Julian's Guest Contributor News

The sad news came through on Tuesday morning that John Thomas – JT – McNamara had passed away at the age of 41. A brilliant horseman and rider, he rode over 600 winners as an amateur but, tragically, was paralysed from the neck down following a fall at the Cheltenham Festival in 2013.

Words that immediately spring to mind when thinking about JT are talented, stoical, courageous, good humoured. By all accounts, he never lost these qualities even in severe adversity. For all that he excelled as a jockey, he was an even better human being.

His family are cut from the same cloth. His wife Caroline is surely a living saint. There was no time for self-pity when tragedy struck for there was work to be done and she led the way as family, including their daughter and two sons, and friends devotedly attended to JT with hearts that ring out goodness.

Leading racehorse owner JP McManus, who shared many wonderful days with JT, provided all the support that friendship can offer and money can buy. Along with so many, he will be devastated at the loss of JT.

It is, indeed, a very sad day. Thank God, when the end came, JT died peacefully. Thoughts and prayers are with and for his family.



Written by Will Reilly