Royal Ascot Info 2017

June 17th, 2017 | Rebecca's Spotlight

I gather there have been a few enquiries from clients about me not writing a booklet for Royal Ascot this year.
The reason is that of the 30 races at the meeting, at the time of deadline there are entries for less than half of them. Also, these entries were made a long time ago and are subject to change at the five-day entry and two-day declaration stage.
Furthermore, it was a struggle trying to ascertain running plans last year, especially with uncertainty over the state of the ground, and I did not feel I could do justice to the service given the limited information to hand.
I am, though, writing Online Previews for each day and offering a subscription for Royal Ascot week to my Telephone & Text Service.
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We charge £5 per day for our Royal Ascot Online Previews and are offering a reduced rate on our Telephone Service of £15 for the week. Both are available to order online or by calling 01539 741 007
Online Previews can be downloaded, emailed or faxed. If you require them to be emailed or faxed please order online and then email me