Online research into racehorses

July 17th, 2015 | Rebecca's Spotlight

Over the past couple of years I have found lots of references to do with research into racehorses and I wonder if this is a new thing or whether lots has always been done but due to online media coverage it is easier to locate.

Here are some of the articles I have found interesting recently with regards to horse racing.

This article, published in June 2015, is discussing the breeding of horses and whether breeders have favoured speed over endurance. It also clearly shows how results of tests are not always accurate when you dig deeper into what they actually have studied. I wish headlines about research were accurate.


This next article was published back in February 2015 and featured on Thoroughbred Racing’s website.

It addresses an issue which I believe is considered a lot. I remember the media frenzy when Frankel was sent to stud. The excitement of a horse that was a champion age two, three and four and the highest Timeform rating was obviously going to generate interest and some eye watering financial figures! I am sure everyone will be watching his progeny closely when they debut.