March 18th, 2016 | Rebecca's Spotlight

I am exhausted! I know it’s Cheltenham and therefore there is a lot of work to do but that I am used to. What I am not used to is (wait for it, I need to take a deep breath before my confession)

watching racing

I decided that since we put so much effort into our Cheltenham Bulletin Book year after year that this year I would watch the racing. It is also as we are going to get back into racehorse ownership soon that I needed to bond again with the horses.

There are various reasons I haven’t watched racing historically and this has now been confirmed to me why. It is exhausting and distracting.

I love a good story – Balthazar King returning and  Annie Power aiming to break the 21 year gap of a mare winning the Champion Hurdle are good examples. I have in the past watched the story races but this year I have watched them all apart from two today when, truth be told, I admitted defeat and went to relax and have shiatsui session!

In some ways I have really enjoyed it as if a client has rung during the day, which is very rare when racing is on, I know the results and can talk about it but I now know it is not possible for me to have the racing on all day and work in the office.

I will watch tomorrow as I have made a promise to myself but then I will revert back to watching highlights and reruns online.

It’s been an experience. My next promise is to actually go to Cheltenham one day.


P.s from next week I am heading straight into Flat 2016 work and Marten will be picking back up on his Dark Horses Annual. Always odd doing this in the small window between Cheltenham and Aintree.