Changes and development

February 19th, 2015 | Rebecca's Spotlight

What a busy couple of weeks I have had. I got Marten ready for a new computer to be installed. Anyone who uses their computer on a regular basis will appreciate it is a nerve wracking time especially when your system holds a huge amount of data to be transferred. The day arrived last Monday and I went to Marten’s office. I found Marten sitting reading the Racing Post well away from his main office with the tech guy being left in peace to just get on with it. I am pleased to report it all appears to have gone to plan and Marten now has a fast running machine and a much larger screen to work on. I genuinely believe if you spend a lot of time on a computer it has to be right and the user must be comfortable.

I then managed to persuade Marten to let me upgrade one of his televisions. Marten watches a huge amount of racing and for some reason had two tiny screens in his office. I have upgraded one to a lovely large 32” smart tv. He can now watch Sky and then now also has Freeview in High Definition and YouTube which is a great addition to the office.

I am on a roll though and now I am moving onto Fibre broadband, Instagram and our YouTube Channel! Our website is currently also in phase two of development where I am aiming to enhance the user experience. If you have any feedback I would appreciate it.

A couple of things I am putting in place is the option to view some of our YouTube Videos direct from our site, both Marten and mine Twitter feeds appearing in our blogs, an archive facility for Marten’s blog and upgrading clients’ user accounts so they can see postal services that are due to be despatched as well as online ones (we have been running a trial on this over the past three months).

Our Cheltenham marketing literature was dispatched last week. If you would like to receive details and haven’t by the middle of the week then please get in touch or call 01539 741 007.

I can’t believe that this time in a month we will be in the midst of Cheltenham. Our book is due out on 5 March and I am pleased to report that we producing a Kindle version for the FIRST TIME! This is ideal for our clients who live abroad or are travelling to the meeting and don’t want to carry the book with them. Of course if you have ordered our Cheltenham Package you don’t need to buy the Kindle version as you can download a PDF version and save it to your computer, android phone or use ibooks on an iphone or ipad.

Thank you for popping by – please come back again soon.