Betting hell

May 17th, 2016 | Rebecca's Spotlight

What a nightmare!

Why is it hard for people to get their bets on? What is going on? If someone was winning all day every day then I get it but I am talking about some of our clients who only want their Saturday bets on.

They’re not winning all the time and most of them aren’t betting huge amounts either.

I have a file of data that I am building up so if you have a betting woe or story to share please get in touch as I can add it to my collection ready for when Jodie, Marten and I start our research into this topic and publish our results.

I have been talking to a client today who is trying to get his winnings from a certain firm. Gosh they have made it hard – he had to submit forms of ID which apparently weren’t good enough so he has had to get more ID copied and sent to them (more expense as going recorded for security) and then he has to wait for them to receive it and accept it. Then they will take a further five days to release the funds. In the meantime they are getting the interest on his £1,000 from a winning bet he placed on 5 May.

Another one has had a betting account closed without reason – he is trying to find out why. It’s very annoying as they say they won’t say why. I understand that firms are entitled to refuse bets and people but sometimes an explanation would be nice and it would certainly help their profile when let’s be honest they’re not the punter’s favourite people at the moment. What made me laugh was the fact they said they haven’t stopped him betting – well actually they have as if you log into his account he can’ t bet on horses. They were keen to point out that he can bet on other sports! Don’t they realise that that comment is ridiculous and would get someone’s back up?

Okay there’s my mini rant over. I will get back to working on Marten’s Snapshot work for this weekend’s racing.