Annoyed at myself

February 1st, 2014 | Rebecca's Spotlight

Wow I am a little annoyed with myself at the length of time it has taken me to update this blog. I have even spoken to clients about it (Hello, you all know you are are)

I suppose the issue for me is that when the office is busy I have to divert all my attention to our clients. There has been no let up this season. Our marketing campaign normally peaks and then drops down but this season it has been ongoing. Even this week has been busy. Last week my family and friends were asking when things would quieten down for me and I said from Tuesday afternoon but not this year…

We have had a high number of first time clients join our text message service and email services. Some clients now have access to email but not the internet thanks to smart phones. This means we have adjusted our admin work so they can also benefit from technology. I am really pleased about this development as there are people who don’t want computers or the internet, in the traditional format, but would like to benefit from keeping in touch with people via email.

We now have a great team here in The Lake District. In the past there was mainly just me but we now have more help. Our fabulous team pull together to help more at our busy times which is a blessing! Marten has Jodie at his office when required and I have Juliet, Natasha and Hannah. Steve who used to work here full time is now our freelance Graphic Designer. Luckily for both Marten and I the team are happy to work random hours as they all have other jobs so with enough forward planning we remain on track. It reminds me of watching a TV program recently about the balancing act of the National Grid power supply. To be honest in a family racing business it sometimes feels like a constant juggling act – in a positive way.

 I love stats and research and in 2013 I noticed a new trend for infographics. These are a great way of getting information to people in a pleasing format.

Here is one all about the Cheltenham Festival for you to look at:

Spreadex Cheltenham Infographic