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Enjoy a five-week subscription to our weekly racing news and views.

A weekly magazine with our team’s thoughts for the racing from Thursday up to and including the following Tuesday. Written on a Wednesday, the core focus is the weekend’s racing.

Keep up to date with Marten’s Premier horses for the current season, including a retrospective look at their runs from the previous week.

Sent via email every Wednesday evening.



This product offers you a five week subscription to our weekly publication – The Weekend Card – via email.

Save 20% by joining for a five week subscription


This service is emailed every Wednesday evening normally by 9pm

Bumper editions may arrive later.

Going Away?

A subscription to The Weekend Card can be put on hold by contacting us.

Prefer to pick & choose?

If you would prefer to pick and choose the weeks you get our Weekend Card please note they can be bought individually through our website shop. You can pay with a credit/debit card, PayPal or buy buying some of our online credits which will save entering your card details for each order.

Postal option

We also offer this service as a postal subscription with an email copy. Please click here to view this product.

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