Weekend Card 13 June

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Edition 145

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Our weekly racing publication featuring news from Marten Julian, Ian Carnaby & Jodie Standing.

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This week’s edition of the Weekend Card contains news from¬†Marten Julian, Jodie Standing,¬† Ian Carnaby & Ronan Groome who is looking ahead at the racing in Ireland.

Available 13 June (sometimes the evening before)

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How to download

When is the PDF version available?

The Weekend Card is published every Thursday but as we do the layout we are able to upload the PDF version on a Wednesday evening. On average it is available by 930 pm.

How do I download it?

To download any of our services you need to log in then go to your orders and locate your order for the service. Once you locate it please click on View or the order number to go into the order. Once inside an order you can view all available publications associated with your order.