Telephone & Text Service Jan 2020

£55.00 (or 12 Credits)

Access to Marten’s line each day on a 03 number

A text message each day to your mobile phone

Access to 31 January 2020

Out of stock


Receive access to Marten’s telephone line daily & receive a text to your mobile phone daily


The line is on a 03 line which is included in a bundle of minutes on most mobile phone packages. From a landline, the cost is the same as calling a 01 or 02 line.

We pay the additional charge for our subscribers.

Access information

  1. Marten’s line is recorded by 11.45am
  2. It is recorded on a 03 line which is the same charge as calling a landline from another landline
  3. If calling from a mobile it should be included in your bundle of minutes but please check with your operator.
  4. Marten’s text message each day includes any selections & horses of notable interest
  5. Accessible from UK and Ireland

Loyalty Discount

Clients who are on this service receive reduced renewal rates and loyalty discounts for each season they remain a subscriber.