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The Point-To-Point Recruits 2018/19

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Jodie Standing’s point-to-point book.

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Jodie says:

” I make no secret of the fact that the National Hunt season is a passion of mine and the fire is now burning stronger than ever as, for the first time, I will be producing my very own book focusing on the point‐to‐point recruits.”

I love to spot early potential. There is nothing more satisfying than to spot something in a horse and then see it realise my expectations further down the line.

With more horses than ever before making their way through the ranks, Marten and I felt the time was right to warrant a stand-alone point‐to‐point book. Last year I had to whittle down the list to 40 horses for the Dark Horses Jumps Guide, due to restrictions in space, but this new opportunity allows me the scope to write about almost double that number.

Subscribers to the Weekend Card will also receive regular updates on the horses I follow throughout the season.

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