Telephone & Text Service (Personal) Jumps

£104.50 £94.50 (or 19 Credits)

Access to Marten’s line each day on a 03 number & a daily text message

Direct access to Marten via phone, email and text so you can ask him your questions.

Access to 7 April 2019

Accessible from UK and Ireland


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This service gives you direct access to Marten so you can ask him your queries about racing. You can speak with him via email or over the phone.

As well as this you receive access to Marten’s telephone line daily & receive a text to your mobile phone daily

*DID YOU KNOW * The line is on a 03 line which is included in a bundle of minutes on most mobile phone packages. From a landline, the cost is the same as calling a 01 or 02 line.

Access information

  1. Marten’s line is recorded by 1130am
  2. It is recorded on a 03 line which is the same charge as calling a landline from another landline
  3. If calling from a mobile it should be included in your bundle of minutes but please check with your operator.
  4. Marten’s text message each day includes any selections & horses of notable interest