Cheltenham Festival Package 2020


A daily email for 7 days before The Festival

Hard copy & e-copy of our book

Hard copy & e-copy of our Handicaps Booklet

Daily text messages

Four Cheltenham Supplements

The Postscript

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Acknowledged as the essential and authoritative guide to the Cheltenham Festival for over 40 years, our Cheltenham Bulletin Book will get you race-ready with informed insights, stats, background information, jockeys to watch and much more!

Printed just a few days before The Festival, our much-loved Bulletin Book is posted out with our Handicaps Booklet and Glance Card which highlights each day’s information in a handy pocket-sized format.

As part of the Cheltenham Package you will also receive Daily Communiques emailed to you seven days before The Festival highlighting that day’s latest Cheltenham news.

You will also receive four Supplements. These offer an in-depth analysis for each day of Cheltenham and are made available the night before with the very latest news on market moves, the latest going and other essential insights.

You will also receive a text message to your phone from Marten each day of The Festival with his latest news and information.

A retrospective look back at The Festival is also included – The Postscript – and will be delivered within one month of the end of the Festival.


What is a Supplement?

You will receive an in-depth analysis for each day of Cheltenham. Each Supplement is made available the night before with the very latest news on market moves, the latest going and other essential inisghts.

Marten says: The Supplements will be packed with the latest news and going updates, running plans and jockey arrangements. As before Marten will specifically focus on horses that have been prepared for the handicaps, with special reference to likely market movers making this an invaluable guide for those who like to trade on the exchanges or take an early price.

Rebecca says

“It is very hard to get across how much you actually receive as part of this package! Clients tell me this service enhances their enjoyment of Cheltenham and enables them to feel as informed as possible. We appreciate it’s the highlight of the season for so many people and over the past 40 years have always aimed to ensure Marten’s readers know everything they need to for this Festival! If you would like to chat about this service please email, call or online chat with us. ”

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