Weekend Card 15 June


Edition 285

Our weekly racing publication packed this week with news from the Marten Julian Team.

Available to download the evening of 15 June


Weekly news and views from the Marten Julian team including updates on horses that feature in our two books for the Flat season.

What is included?

The Weekend Card

Issued every Wednesday, the Weekend Card is our specialist publication offering professional updates, views and recommendations from our select team of experts.

The Card covers the next six days racing with the emphasis firmly focused upon the key weekend action. The importance of continuity is the heartbeat of this service, so not only do you receive all the latest news on key horses from our various publications which are declared to run, but also informed comments on selected horses from previous editions.

And we also provide you with honest and accurate feedback on all the previous week’s selections – win or lose.

The Card, which includes a quick reference sheet, is available as a download, hard copy (by post) or both and you receive a Welcome Pack when you subscribe.

One of the most popular sections in the Card is Marten’s Sleeper Section. This is currently showing a profit to level stakes of 109 points and a return on investment of 57%, while Marten’s Look Ahead feature is also showing a profit to level stakes of 68 points thanks to winners that include Sonny Liston 18/1, Atrium 16/1, Reversion 16/1, Gifted Gold 12/1, Lindwall 8/1, Designer 11/2 and long-odds gamble Pride Of Hawridge 9/2 (from 16/1).



How to download

When is the PDF version available?

Available to download by 10 pm on Wednesday 15 June

How do I download it?

To download any of our services you need to log in then go to your orders and locate your order for the service. Once you locate it please click on View or the order number to go into the order. Once inside an order you can view all available publications associated with your order.


From when we restarted the service in 2017 up to & including edition 267 (published 9 February)

Marten’s Weekend Action: 7% profit on investment (67pts LS Profit) including winners at 33/1, 22/1, 16/1, 14/1 (twice), 12/1 (adv), 11/1, 10/1 (twice), 9/1, 8/1 (twice), 8/1 (adv 16/1), 7/1, 13/2, 6/1 (twice) etc

The Sleeper Section: 57% profit on investment (110pts LS Profit) including winners at 33/1, 16/1, 8/1, 7/1 (twice), 5/1, 4/1, 7/2, 0/30, 3/1 etc

Under The Radar: 24% loss on investment (33pts LS Loss) including winners at 14/1, 12/1, 7/1, 11/2 etc

Jodie’s Jottings: 12% profit on investment (143pts LS Profit) including winners at 16/1 (twice), 14/1 (twice), 12/1 (twice). 10/1, 9/1 (twice), 8/1 (twice), 7/1, 13/2 (twice), 6/1, 11/2, 5/1, 9/2, 4/1 (twice) etc

Ian Carnaby: 9% loss on investment (72pts LS Loss) including winners at 25/1. 16/1, 9/1, 6/1, 8/1. 7/1 (twice), 11/2, 5/1 etc

Ante-Post: 46% profit on investment (30pts LS Profit) including One For Arthur (adv 20/1) and Waldgeist (adv 16/1)

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