Jumps Package Enhanced

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The Dark Horses Jumps Guide enhanced

The Point-To-Point Recruits enhanced

Enhanced means e-book, hard copy & access to a webpage showing entries for horses in the books.

Mid-season pro rata discount now available.

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The Dark Horses Jumps Guide Enhanced

The Point-To-Point Recruits Enhanced

What does enhanced mean?

Our enhanced service provides you with an e-book download, a hard copy and access to a secret webpage listing entries from the book throughout the 2020/21 Jumps Season.

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The Point-To-Point Recruits E-Book is available now

The Point-To-Point Recruits hard copy posted daily (weekdays)

The Dark Horses Jumps Guide E-Book is available the end of October

The Dark Horses Jumps Guide is posted early November

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The Point-To-Point Recruits

The Dark Horses Jumps Guide