Youth players in Manchester United’s Pre Season 21/22

Football | July 28th, 2021

Please note this article is being proofread but you are welcome to read ahead: Joe Hugill: A throwback kind of player. Joe Hugill is an out and out centre-forward who has one thought “goals”. He likes to stay in and … Read More »

More power to Tyrone and his magic carpet ride

Ian Carnaby's Racing News | July 19th, 2021

Modern technology has influenced many things, one of them being the traditional pub quiz. It must be very tempting to cheat when a mobile ‘phone is only inches away, though shame and disgrace may follow. Of course, a mobile helps … Read More »

Why? Three Lions Euros 2020

Football | July 17th, 2021

Why? That’s the first thought that pops into my head when I think about England’s EURO 2020 Final defeat to Italy. But bizarrely this thought of why isn’t in relation to anything that happened on the football pitch. I’m not … Read More »

England v Italy Review: Euros 2020

Football | July 12th, 2021

Well that was tense. A close game of football. Probably as close a game of football as is possible to have. England started with a real intensity and had the wingbacks, Kieran Trippier and Luke Shaw bombing on, getting the … Read More »

How England can beat Italy… :Euros 2020

Football | July 10th, 2021

This will be a tough game and one that will be decided by fine margins. A mistake? A moment of genius? Or some luck. I’ve written my thoughts on this game and how I think it will pan out in … Read More »

England V Italy Preview: Euros 2020

Football | July 10th, 2021

England will face Italy this Sunday in the final of EURO 2020 at Wembley Stadium. Both teams have had brilliant EURO campaign and it’s a game that could go either way. Italy have shown football fans their improvement since missing … Read More »

England v Denmark Review: Euros 2020

Football | July 8th, 2021

What a historic night for England. They’ve reached a final of a major tournament for the first time since 1966. Years of fine margins going against the England team, strange tactical decisions from managers and inconsistent results and performances. But … Read More »

Italy v Spain Review: Euros 2020

Football | July 7th, 2021

What a brilliant game of football. Two teams matching each other stride for stride, playing good football, defending well and scoring goals of the highest quality. Italy were far from their best but still played some slick counterattacking football. Italy’s … Read More »

Most underrated Premier League Starting XI

Football | July 7th, 2021

Underrated players. It’s tough to decide whether a player is underrated, or whether they do get the credit they deserve. In this article, I’ll be picking a starting XI consisting of the players, who in my view, aren’t talked about … Read More »

How England should set-up against Denmark: Euros 2020

Football | July 6th, 2021

England face Denmark in a EUROs Semi-Final this Wednesday. I’ve discussed my thoughts on the game in full in my earlier semi-finals Preview article, but I’ll summarise here before going into my thoughts on how England should set-up tactically against … Read More »

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